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AFIN magazine is a digital, bi-monthly publication focused on our research results that is directed at the wider public. It currently has 32,000 subscribers and has been accessed via the UAB’s Digital Depository over 40,000 times since its inception in 2009. Its readers include academic and non-academic professionals from a range of institutions and associations, as well as research groups that work primarily in English, Spanish and/or Catalan. AFIN magazine analyzes and disseminates research results concerning processes, activities and decisions related to sex and gender; family systems, kinship and care work; human reproduction and (in)fertility, including assisted reproduction technologies (ARTs), adoption, gestational surrogacy, ‘donation’ of gametes and embrios; pregnancy and birth; reproductive governance, justice, rights, policies and desires; genetic diagnostics and technologies; memory, secrets, and anonymity; disappeared and stolen children; diverse experiences of childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood; parenting, raising children, and family life; social relationships; bodies, (dis)capacities, and death.


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