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AFIN is an interdisciplinary, inter-university, international research group that engages in basic and applied research in the social sciences, health, and the humanities.

Since its creation in 2004, the group has been guided by its interdisciplinary focus, by the establishment of relationships with other national and international groups and institutions, and most importantly by its dedication to the principle that its research results should transcend academia to reach the collectives with and for whom its work is undertaken.

AFIN’s contributors come from the fields of social, cultural, and medical anthropology, sociology, education, the law, medicine, psychology and social work and are based at national and international universities, organizations and institutions in both the public and private sectors.

AFIN’s primary research and intervention areas include:

  • Person, gender, bodies, care work, health, death
  • Parenthood, motherhood, fatherhood, work-life balance, childcare, reproductive work, and family life
  • Human sexual and assisted reproduction, including reproduction with the participation of ‘third parties’ (embryos, gametes, surrogates,…)
  • Reproductive processes (preimplantation genetic testing, pregnancy and prenatal care, childbirth, the postpartum, lactation, reproductive losses, endometriosis and other reproductive pathologies
  • Secrets, anonymity, taboo, and privacy
  • Childhood and youth, including disappeared and stolen babies and children


Consulta l'historial científic del grup



Affective, sexual and reproductive education at Barcelona primary schools


Reproductive governance and mobilities in Europe, North Africa and Latin America

Pérdidas reproductivas precoces


del malestar físico y emocional invisible al posible duelo personal, familiar y social




Promoting a personalised and family-centred maternal and infant primary health care